Cancellation and Refund Process

Delivery and Return Conditions

We prioritize the security of you, credit card holders, who shop through our e-commerce platform, and make great efforts to control your payment/invoice information from the moment you place your order. Your purchases will be delivered by the contracted cargo companies within 1 to 7 working days, depending on the shipping conditions of the stores, if your approval is received properly.

Weekend Orders

Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday. You may not receive it before Tuesday as it will be processed on Monday. There is no delivery on Saturday and Sunday.

Stock Issues

Most of our vendor stores are stocked. Still, there are sometimes software stock problems among thousands of product types. If the products that are not in stock are sold, the seller immediately supplies the product and delivers your order to you within the relevant time. The order amount of a product that you do not receive is not transferred to the seller store accounts in any way.

Address info

In order for your order to reach you as quickly as possible, please write your address information as clear as possible. You can even write the description information of your address, if any. (Example: When you enter from the post office, the third street etc.)

Incorrect / Missing Orders

Open the package you received with the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any inaccuracies or omissions, please contact the seller store or our e-commerce platform immediately.

Shipping Fees

Shipping costs may vary depending on the seller. Some retail stores offer free shipping, while some retail stores charge shipping fees. You can find the shipping information in the details of the products.

Return Policy

The seller's return conditions apply to the products you have purchased. You can send your return requests regarding the products you have purchased to the seller store or you can contact our e-commerce platform and complete your return transactions.

How many days is the return period?

In general, you can return the products you have purchased without destroying, opening the package, using the activation number, and stating the reason within seven (30) days from the delivery date, without impairing the resaleability of the product.

What are the return conditions?

Below you can find the items that must be complete in the products you send for return. If any of these are missing, product returns are not accepted.

product invoice,
return form,
The products to be returned within 30 days must be delivered complete and undamaged, together with the box, packaging and activation code.

If the products coming to the seller's store are delivered in accordance with the return conditions, the refund of the product amounts will be processed within 3 days after the product reaches the store. The time for the refund to be reflected in your account is at the discretion of your bank. Refunds made to the credit card are reflected in your account within 1-3 weeks at the latest.

How do I return it?

Before sending the product to us, you must notify us of your return request by filling out the product return form. After the delivery confirmation regarding the return is sent to you by the seller store, please fill in the return form that comes with the package and send the product to the seller store. You will be notified by phone or e-mail confirmation information. In the event that the products coming to the seller store are delivered in accordance with the return conditions, the return process of the product amounts will be initiated.

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