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General information about personal information of makmed Users residing at through this website will not be used in a comprehensive and general manner. It can be designed to be displayed with all users.

personal information; name, surname, date, home address, landline phone image, e-mail address, etc., directly or as a school, and will be referred to as "Confidential Information". will be able to use it in personal profiling, training, advertising, promotion, marketing and other communication activities and can only share this process with people who are fully aware of it.

makmed does not mean to keep personal information, treat it as your own private, for yourself and for this, personally all or any unauthorized necessary or "do not do the necessary and diligent for use of a person disclosure". gives. In case of logging into the system and's website to reach the necessary knowledge, it is a possible possibility or a possible examination of, usage and users can obtain Web usage dairy products by using a technical person (Cookie-Cookie). However, those that can be written.

They can update their information, Membership/Personal login days and diary entries. You can also communicate these calculations in detail by contacting the contact information on the Web pages. Your request will be evaluated and evaluated.

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The user will say that using this Web will be accepted by this Privacy Policy.

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