Makmed is a spare parts company which was founded in 2010 in Turkey. We are a manufacturer company located in Turkey that mainly dedicate itself to the production of kitchen equipment and spare parts for hotel restaurant industry.

The basis of our business understanding is reliability, honesty and professionalism. We value and respect our employees, partners, buyers, suppliers and the community in which we live and operate. It is one of our basic principles to comply with all laws and to provide the necessary standards in order to protect people and the environment.

We attach great importance to increasing the professional development and social opportunities of our employees.

In accordance with these basic principles and hardworking, over the years we have managed to become one of the leading companies in the market. We are constantly working to provide the best quality products in our modern-production facilities and continue expanding our product range. We ensure we meet industry standards every time.

In the future we aim to contribute more to the spare parts industry both in the country and worldwide. The goal of our company is to respond smoothly to all spare parts needs of industry.As always we will continue to support our partners with professional assistance with our team. Our highly qualified specialists will help you choose the necessary equipment and bring it to your country.









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